It's been a while but I'm back baby!

My gosh it's been a hell of a year hasn't it!!

I just thought I'd pop on here and let you all know that I'm back doing what I love, making things for babies :) 

I've been making baby things since 2010 when I first started my business and for a number of years was a regular trader at many craft and handmade fairs across the NorthWest. I even won a business award in my home town for my little crochet business! (Ha...check me out!) 

In February 2017 we surprisingly fell pregnant and I launched myself, because that's what I do, into opening an online wool shop, to hopefully supplement income throughout maternity leave. Unfortunately, I miscarried in April. Thinking  that was the end of my baby making days and being 39 years old I thought, hey, what the heck, let's go for it, and despite working full-time I ploughed on with my personal plans and opening a real, proper wool shop on October of that year. 

Fast forward to September 2018 when we gave birth, yep my baby making days weren't over! We welcomed a beautiful bundle of joy into the world, Matthew, who'll you'll have seen if you follow me on Instagram. Despite my best efforts to raise three kids, work full-time and run a wool shop, I just couldn't stretch myself far enough and something had to give. Obviously I couldn't send my kids back, and I needed my FT job to pay the bills, so unfortunately the wool shop had to go. Sad, I know, I still miss it now :(

Anyhoooo, my baby is now nearly TWO!! and sometimes he goes down for bed alright and I have a couple of hours to get making....Yay!

SO... keep your eye on the website for new and exciting stock updates and, if you can, follow me over on good old Insta for a heads up, offers and the occasional giveaway ;)  @artisanalleyuk

Helen x