About Tiny Ties

Tiny Ties umbilical cord ties are an alternative to the plastic clamps/clips which are widely used within hospital and community birth settings within the UK. 

Many different countries and cultures use a range of clamps and ties to tie off baby's umbilical cord after birth, and currently there is no study which has investigated which method of clamping is best, nor have the advantages and disadvantages of simple string ties been evaluated. Despite this, there are currently no reservations regarding the use of cord ties which are widely available. 

We hope the information above helps you when making the decision to use a cord tie. Should you wish further information regarding umbilical cord care and cord ties, you may find the following review of evidence by the World Health Organisation (WHO) helpful;



All Tiny Ties are made using 100% cotton that is certified to conform with European Standard EN71-3 Chemical Migration standards, which means that the cotton has been tested for more than 80 potentially dangerous substances and is safe from these. 


There are currently no studies or evidence to indicate that cord ties must be sterilised before use, however, despite this the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that the ties be sterile due to their contact with a mucous membrane. The choice to sterilise the cord ties before use is a personal one and sterilisation can be easily achieved at home. 


All Tiny Ties come complete with easy to follow instructions for use. 

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions relating to Tiny Ties or the information above. 

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